One More Dark Side of Disney Day!

Here’s the video from our “One More Disney Day” adventure on 2/29/2012. We showed up around 9PM (after going to Theme Park Connection and then Drinking Around the Monorail – videos of both coming soon) and it was incredibly crowded, to the point where they actually routed us backstage!

The back story behind “Cancer Patient Draven” is that she kept getting recognized in the parks earlier that week. We didn’t want to risk being stopped at the gates because we really wanted to attend the event, so we covered her up as much as possible and put her in Pentakis’ wheelchair. Worked like a charm! Draven actually was recognized later that evening by a Buzz Lightyear CM, so it wasn’t like we were being overly paranoid or anything. Luckily the dude was a fan and didn’t call security.

Anyway, we drank a bunch of booze, met up with some old friends and made some new ones, and generally had a great time until we left at around 5AM!

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7 Responses to One More Dark Side of Disney Day!

  1. all ball says:

    Is Draven banned from the parks or something? What’s the big deal if she gets recognized? Bought your book, by the way. Loved it!

    • admin says:

      No, she’s not banned. But people kept recognizing her during our trip, and then they’d realize who I was. And I don’t want Disney knowing what I look like just yet. We also wanted to play it safe because we were bringing in booze and if they knew who she was they might have done a more thorough search.

      Thanks for buying the book!!!

    • Adam's Disciple says:

      Don’t forget what happened to those who did not take any precautions, like Adam Teh Woo(x.x). The way I see it once random CM’s start to recognize you, you have to wonder if Disney has selected you for closer monitoring.

  2. Farcicality says:

    She needs to get out of the wheelchair more Keyser Soze-style:

    And like that… *poof!* she’s gone…

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