THE DARK SIDE OF DISNEY reveals all of the tips, tricks, scams, and stories that THEY don’t want you to know about! Unabashedly unafraid of offending the family-oriented audiences catered to by other Disney travel guides, author Leonard Kinsey gives intrepid travelers access to the seamy, raunchy, and often hilarious underbelly of Walt Disney World. From cautionary tales of scoring illegal tickets, to thrilling accounts of exploring off-limits areas, to chronicles of drug-induced debauchery, this completely unauthorized guidebook will change the way you think about vacationing at “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

The book is divided into four sections:

Chapter 1 is devoted to financing a Walt Disney World vacation on the cheap by any means necessary, be it buying half-used tickets from shady resellers, to renting timeshares for pennies on the dollar from down-and-out owners, to filling up on free toppings at Magic Kingdom’s Counter Service restaurants.

Chapter 2 is all about carnality at Disney, discussing the best places to have sex and/or find people to have sex with, where to score and do drugs on-site, and where to see a kick-ass rock show complete with girls throwing their panties on stage.

Chapter 3 is a hodgepodge of information about the dangerous and disgusting wildlife commonly found on WDW property, morally questionable time saving tips, and assorted scams that are pulled on naïve tourists and on Disney itself.

Chapter 4 burrows below The Magic Kingdom for a tour of the famous Utilidoors, and features interviews with two high-profile Urban Explorers who have gone into off-limits areas of WDW and lived to tell about it.


Leonard Kinsey was born and raised in Clearwater, FL, and was lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World over 100 times by age 18.  As an adult he still harbors an unhealthy obsession with The Mouse, has acquired a large collection of vintage EPCOT Center memorabilia, and visits WDW at least once a year, maintaining connections throughout the rest of the year with Cast Members and other Orlando-based friends and relatives.

In his spare time he has published a comic book and written and directed a horror/comedy film which received international distribution. He is also the guitarist in a rock band who appeared on a hit FOX show and released two internationally acclaimed CDs.

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