Non-Bamboo Forest Awesomeness!

Wanted to let everyone know about some non-Bamboo Forest projects I’ve really enjoyed recently!

First up is Styrofoam Throne, by David Bone, which is, as of this writing, free on Kindle! This is a coming of age type of book about a young, kinda awkward guy who lands a coveted job at Castle Dunes, a haunted house on a California boardwalk. He ends up drinking excessively, doing a lot of drugs, meeting a hot girl, getting into fights, and other such shenanigans. It’s definitely R-Rated! Reminded me a bit of Adventureland, but funnier and less angsty. It also helps that David is an excellent writer, and the book is well-edited and professionally laid-out. Highly recommended read!

Next up is Communicore Weekly: The Musical. I guess this is sorta connected to Bamboo Forest since Jeff co-wrote the songs, but honestly, if it sucked, I would have made fun of him mercilessly until he cried like a little girl. But, fortunately, it doesn’t suck. At all. In fact, it’s pretty amazing. The musical numbers alternate with spoken-word/story tracks, and while the story tracks were interesting the first few listens, I eventually ended up removing them from the playlist because I just wanted to listen to the incredibly catchy songs! The melodies, production, and musicianship are top-notch, and the lyrics are fun and clever. For example, “I grew up wearing mouse ears. They helped me through some hard years. My head keeps getting bigger, but the same pair always fits.” Love it. Lots of DisNerd jokes and a bunch of riffing on Eisner are also included, as are some killer guitar solos. The whole thing reminds me a lot of something Flight of the Conchords or Tenacious D would do if someone asked them to write a musical about how Jeff and George saved the world from Evil Eisner.

Only $2.99 on Amazon!

And last but not least is Ward Dizzley’s 100% True Life Action Adventure Comics Digest, Issue #1, by Dave Ensign, aka Hoot from Full disclosure: I’m excited to say that Bamboo Forest will be publishing Issue #2 of this comic! However, we had nothing to do with Issue #1 – it was all Dave’s doing.

I always knew Dave was a talented artist, but I didn’t realize that he might be an actual genius-level artist! This comic absolutely blew me away. It’s funny, it deals with a whole bunch of DSoD-esque material, and it is presented and drawn to look exactly like the old Walt Disney Comics Digests from the 60s and 70s, all the way down to the age spots and yellowed paper. But you don’t have to be a comic book geek to appreciate the hilarious stories told here, or the pro-level artwork. I can easily say that any fan of DSoD or Mesa Verde Times will get a real kick out of the decidedly adult adventures that Hoot and Co get into in this comic.

Print edition is $8 + shipping from  and eBook is $6 at

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Finally, DSoD shirts!

People have been asking for years for DSoD shirts, and it just seemed like I never got around to it. But I finally got a bug up my ass, knocked out some kick-ass designs, and setup a shop on RedBubble just in time for Christmas!

Four different designs on high-quality American Apparel shirts. You can choose color, size, and whether you want a regular t-shirt, a girl-cut shirt, or a hoodie!

If you buy one and wear it to the parks, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a picture!!!


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The Death of the Blog :(

You might have realized that my posts here have ground to a halt. For better or worse, this blog has been dying a slow, creaking death for a while now. Unfortunately, with all of the publishing, writing, traveling, and video work I’m doing, I don’t seem to have enough time to sit down for an hour or so every few days and write up a long post about stuff. I find it much easier to do lots of micro-posts on Facebook and Twitter – perhaps things that don’t deserve a full blog article, but which are important or interesting nonetheless. Also, instead of writing about my adventures, I’ve been trying my best to just film all of them and post them on YouTube!

So, sadly, there likely won’t be many more updates to this page. But you can keep up with all I’m doing at the following links: (book page – anything that used to go on this site will now go here) (personal page – in case you’re wondering what I’m up to) (mostly I just rant here) (all of my videos go here – please subscribe!)

Thanks for sticking with me these past two years, and thanks a ton for continuing to support me and all of my projects. This blog is really what got DSoD off the ground, and I’m extremely grateful to all of the early-adopters who came here and made me feel like I wasn’t a complete lunatic for being obsessed with The Dark Side of Disney.


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Amsterdam and Doper Posters

Lots going on with the DSoD crew these days! Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to:

True to my New Year’s resolution, Pentakis and I went on a trip that didn’t involve anything having to do with Disney, although it certainly did involve the “Dark Side”…. We went to Amsterdam! It was honestly one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. We did it in style, flying Business Class and staying in a nice hotel, since Pentakis had never been oversees and I wanted her to have a good first impression of International traveling. We also did a day-trip to Paris via the high-speed rail, and both came to the conclusion that the EPCOT version of the city was nicer than the real thing. In addition, we took a day-trip to the Efteling theme park, as well as a Windmill park outside of the city. And, of course, we saw a sex show at Casa Rosso, smoked lots of (legal) bud, and drank lots of genevers.

Here are some of the videos from the trip (more to come!):

I honestly think that if EPCOT ever opens another World Showcase pavilion, it should be a Dutch one. The Weenie could be a big windmill that’s the entrance to a canal boat ride, there could be an hourly clog-making demonstration, and there could be lots of cheese and genever tastings. And you know, there’s already an entire Dutch section in it’s a small world, so obviously Walt agreed that The Netherlands are awesome. Get on it, Disney!

And in a weird sort of synergistic timing, after coming back from Amsterdam, Bamboo Forest teamed up with Rolly Crump to release signed, limited edition prints of his infamously hilarious Doper Posters!

These are 11″x14″ prints of the four original posters, professionally scanned at 4K DPI directly from Rolly’s slides, and printed on thick 100# Cover Matte Card paper. Each poster has been hand-signed by Rolly at the bottom. They were displayed in the Disney Studios Library in 1954, and were seen (and enjoyed) by Walt Disney himself. Rolly tells it like this in his autobiography, It’s Kind of a Cute Story:

I got a call from the librarian one day and she said, “Walt came in and saw your exhibit today.”

“Oh, Jesus,” I said. “Did he say anything?”

“Well, he walked down the hallway…”

I started to panic a little bit now. I wasn’t sure how Walt would react to those posters!

“…did he see my doper posters?”

“Oh yes!” she said. “In fact, he laughed!”

“He laughed?” I was so happy to hear that.

That just shows you how the Old Man accepted anything. He wasn’t critical about anything you did, as long as you were doing your best.

The bottom line was, 5 years later, Walt remembered my exhibit when they were looking for more people to work at WED.

Of particular significance is the Marijuana poster, which features the politically incorrect “wetbacks” saying. Rolly has since revised the poster (the revised version is also for sale separately), but we felt this original version was of historical significance, because it is the version Walt saw and enjoyed. However, per Rolly’s instructions, this is the only time this version will ever be printed, so it is truly a rare limited edition!

Also available is a print of Rolly’s “Oars for Rent” painting, which was purchased by Sharon Disney (Walt’s daughter) in the 60s!

Okay, that’s it for now. Plenty more videos coming soon, as well as some awesome announcements about future Bamboo Forest releases. So keep checking back, and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter, which I tend to update a lot more regularly than this blog!


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Long Time No Blog!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a piss-poor blogger as of late. And while a lot of my absence had to do with an insane amount of admittedly awesome stuff going on, part of it also had to do with some crappy stuff that happened which I felt people were waiting for me to comment on…. But fuck that. I’ll write what I want, bitches!

First of all, the Disneyland Resort is amazing, and it makes WDW looks like a big pile of shit in comparison. There were so many little things that I didn’t realize I missed or that were lacking in WDW until I saw them in DL. But now that the veil has been lifted, I can’t look at my home parks the same way again. Here’s hoping George Kalogridis can turn things around down in Florida. He has a big job ahead of him. In the meantime, all of my trips to Florida will be solely devoted to hanging with friends and going to the Universal parks. WDW isn’t getting any more of my money for the foreseeable future.

So, without further adieu, here are some videos from my Disneyland trip. I think they speak for themselves….

Up next, three excellent reviews of Our Kingdom of Dust! Even though the book has been out for nearly a year now, it still finds new readers, and for that I’m really grateful. I’m very proud of this book, and it’s always cool to hear from people who enjoyed it.

Food, Fitness, Fantasy says “…there are a lot of expansive, dark themes — pain, violence and emptiness. Walt Disney World isn’t simply the setting, it’s a catalyst, practically a character.” Read the rest of Katherine’s review of OKoD and DSoD here!

Between Disney, longtime supporters of Bamboo Forest Publishing, also did a big write-up: “For a first fictional offering, I really have to applaud Kinsey. In the first ten pages he hooked me as a reader, in a genre I would typically never read.” Check out the rest here!

Finally, Mighty Men of Mouse recorded an entire podcast just about OKoD. They really enjoyed it and had a lot of very insightful and interesting thoughts and comments. Listen to the whole episode here!

Okay, that’s about it for now. As usual, if you run a podcast or website and ever need someone to talk about Disney, indie publishing, booze, guitar playing, or whatever, I’m always up for interviews. Also, a heads-up: Pentakis and I will be in Amsterdam at the end of March, with a brief day-trip to Paris. If you’re in the area and want to hang out, please shoot me an email via the Contact Page!

P.S. Visit Ron Schneider’s new site, Theme Park University! The site just started, but there’s already some fascinating content on there. If you have any interest in Themed Entertainment, or enjoyed Ron’s book, you’re going to love this site!

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Charity Auction Results and “It’s Kind of a Cute Story” Pre-sales!

Well, the Kinsey Glasses auction to benefit Give Kids the World was a smashing success! The glasses went for $212.50 to a lucky bidder (who happens to be a big DSoD fan), which means that after my dollar-for-dollar match, Give Kids the World received $425 altogether!

I threw in a bit extra for the match to cover the PayPal fees

I’ll definitely be doing this again in the future. Would anyone be interested in bidding on the silver mask and glasses, or the Anarchy Mouse Ears from the DSoD cover?

In other news, one of the main reasons why I’ve been a bit quiet lately is because I’ve been hard at work on Bamboo Forest Publishing’s newest release: It’s Kind of a Cute Story, by former Imagineer and Disney Legend Rolly Crump, and Communicore Weekly’s Jeff Heimbuch.

This book is unlike anything Bamboo Forest has released – it’s a full-color, 8.5×11, 192-page coffee-table book, with over 200 pictures illustrating the fascinating, hilarious, and often PG-13-rated story of Rolly’s life. We’re making it available in three editions, the nicest of which is the limited edition signed and numbered hardback. This thing looks gorgeous inside and out, and is well worth every cent of the $59.95 price. Since only 500 copies will ever be printed, I guarantee that this will become a collector’s item, and will likely appreciate in price as the years go on. It’s Kind of a Cute Story will also be available as a paperback with slightly thinner paper (but still full color!), and an eBook available exclusively from Amazon. I gotta say, though, if you’re only buying the e-book, you’re really missing out on the gorgeous layout painstakingly created by Amy Inouye of Future Studio Design, who also did the equally lovely Knotts Preserved, which is a favorite of Rolly’s.

Release date is Tuesday, 11/20/2012, but we are taking pre-orders for the hardback at the Bamboo Forest store. They’re actually selling much faster than expected, so if you’re planning on getting this as a Christmas present for yourself or a loved one, don’t delay or you might miss out!

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Auctioning off my Kinsey Glasses for Give Kids the World!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m auctioning off my infamous Kinsey Groucho glasses for charity! This is the disguise I wore in many of my videos and at public appearances. Now that I’ve retired from backstage exploration and don’t need them anymore, I’ve decided to auction off the glasses and donate 100% of the winning bid to Give Kids the World, a charity that treats terminally-ill children and their families to weeklong, cost-free Central Florida vacations. Not only that, but I’ll match the final bid, up to $1000! So if this auction ends at $500, I’ll personally donate an additional $500. If it ends at $1000, I’ll donate $2000 in total!

Even if you don’t have the money to bid on this, please spread the word. The auction ends at 11AM EST on 11/9/2012 and can be found at For more info on Give Kids the World, visit

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Monorail Bar Crawl Video and New Store!

I wanted to let everyone know that Bamboo Forest Publishing has a new storefront. It makes for a much nicer shopping experience, and definitely looks more professional. But, even better, it’s the only place where you can buy signed copies of the hardback version of Ron Schneider’s From Dreamer to Dreamfinder! They make excellent holiday gifts, so head on over to the store and pick up a few for your theme-park-loving friends and family!

Also, here’s a video I posted last week of a crazy Monorail Bar Crawl we did over the EPCOT 30th trip. All of your internet podcasting favorites were in attendance, including members of the WDW Fan Boys, WDW Kingdomcast, Communicore Weekly, WDW DIS-Cussion, and The Wakefield Report!

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EPCOT 30th Recap, Dreamfinder News, and… MY FACE!

Wow, what a long, strange trip it was! Here’s a recap of some of my crazy adventures at EPCOT’s 30th:

Got in mid-day on Saturday 9/29, received my WeGoShop delivery (12-pack Sam Adams light, 6-pack Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, shit ton of tonic, limes, 4 frozen pizzas, mozzarella sticks, and a bunch of other stoner/drunkard food), met up with my buddy Hackett and his girlfriend (they brought me a box I’d shipped down to them that included a 1.75L bottle of Kinsey Gin and an Iolite vaporizer), and then bolted for the Communicore Weekly event that night, with guest star Ron Schneider.

The Communicore Weekly event was very cool. When we got to the Norway Pavilion nobody was outside to greet us and take us up, so we called Jeff Heimbuch and bitched until he came down to escort us up to the VIP lounge. Once there I finally got to meet George Taylor, of Imaginerding fame, as well as a whole bunch of other people from Facebook. The event was jam-packed with fun Disney Geeks!

The highlight of the evening was being able to see Ron Schneider in person again – I hadn’t seen him since the DSoD party last October, and SO much has happened between us since then. We gave each other a big hug, he got to meet Pentakis, and I gave him a proof of the newly released hardcover edition of his book.Yes, that’s right, a HARDCOVER edition of From Dreamer to Dreamfinder is coming out, just in time for Christmas! Signed copies will soon be available at the Bamboo Forest Store, and it’ll make a great gift for any friends who are into theme parks. Not only that, but the audiobook version has also just been released, and is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. Listening to Ron do all of the voices of all of his characters is just an amazing experience, and I’m so glad we were able to make it come together and get it released.

One of the other highlights of the Communicore Weekly event was being able to have free rein of the Norway VIP lounge. I explored that place from top to bottom – video forthcoming! Unfortunately, I missed the “Spaceship Earth with the lights on” ride-thru at the end of the evening because I had to retrieve the acoustic guitars being used by the band; Hackett had generously allowed the Communicore Weekly guys to use them. But luckily Nomeus took this awesome video of it:

The next day was filled with the D23 seminars. For the most part they were entertaining and informative. The two standouts were a panel with a bunch of the Imagineers who had helped build EPCOT Center, and, of course, Ron Schneider’s appearance onstage with Tony Baxter to discuss the Imagination ride. Ron had specifically been told by the D23 organizer (Steve Vagnini, I assume) that, “We will not publicize anything put out by that publishing company!” If the dude had said that to me I would have told him to eat a bag of dicks, but luckily Ron played along… at least until he got up on stage. He probably had them shitting themselves through his entire appearance, because he repeatedly mentioned From Dreamer to Dreamfinder and even gave a shout-out to “backstage exploring”, which received a bunch of cheers from the audience, much to the dismay of the panel host. Ron is such a cool guy.

That night I organized a very successful and fun Monorail Bar Crawl. Unfortunately Mizner’s was shut down (until December), so instead we closed out the bar at Narcoosees and then closed out The Wave. It was an awesome time, I met a lot of cool fans, got a piece of the Spaceship Earth Millenium Wand from Matt Marooney (which I fully intend film myself shitting on for a future video), and there were a ton of shenanigans involving monorail pole dancing and stolen towels. Again, video forthcoming.

The following day was the big day: EPCOT’s 30th Anniversary. Months ago I decided to create a secret Facebook group and invited people who I knew would be down there at that time, and who were cool with our type of shenanigans. One purpose of the group (aside from organizing the Monorail Bar Crawl) was to sign people up for a big “Leonard Kinsey Retirement” event. I created a text group via SendHub and anyone who was interested was added – so all I had to do during the event was send out a single text, and everyone in the group would get it. I had approximately 30 people signed up by the time the trip rolled around! Nobody except me knew where we’d be going, because I didn’t want it to leak somehow. 30 minutes before each event I’d send a text out, saying where to meet next.

As planned, we all met at the Chase VIP lounge in the Wonders of Life Pavilion. Chase was letting each of their cardholders bring 9 additional people into the lounge. Unfortunately, within 10 minutes a bunch of us got kicked out when we tried to board the elevator to get to the 2nd floor lounge. Here’s Adam the Woo’s video of that incident:

That lady was pissed!!!!!

The rest of the day was a flurry of pulse-pounding adventures. All told, it was a memorable experience for everyone involved, and a great way to wrap up my years of backstage exploration.

Which leads me to… my official unmasking!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be doing lots of cool and crazy Disney stuff and posting stories about it. For example, during the past week at WDW I:

  • Saw the Horizons Resurrected virtual ride-thru, to which I’d donated a bottle of Lorange fragrance (the simulation was spectacular, by the way).
  • Was interviewed by FOX 4, along with Nomeus and Adam the Woo, for a segment they’re doing on DSoD that will come out during “sweeps” in November.
  • Got drinks at La Cava de Tequila with a multi-millionaire/pilot/consulate/playboy who had some very intriguing business ideas….
  • Laughed as a bunch of people got completely blitzed off a vaporizer at The BoardWalk (no smoke or smell – highly recommended!) and later hit a gravity bong and coughed like maniacs in an off-property garage.
  • Ate my first Citrus Swirl…. Dole Whip, move the fuck over, because we have a new contender for best on-property dessert that should be mixed with booze!
  • Played an impromptu set on drums during a rehearsal for a local band. I only sucked a little, which was nice.
  • Saw the most number of boobs I’ve ever seen in one room (outside of a strip club, at least). They ranged from the biggest I’ve ever encountered (double-H!?!?!) to one of the nicest A-cups I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. Thanks, ladies!!!

All told, it was a helluva week. I met SO MANY insanely nice people, and wish I could have spent more time with everyone. To be honest, I didn’t even do the parks much this trip, and I didn’t really miss them. What I do miss now that I’m back home is hanging out with great the friends I’ve made over the past year. But, hey, I have plenty more events planned for the coming months, so hopefully that’ll mean more fun meetups!

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Rolly Crump book cover, Mai Tai, and EPCOT 30th!

Lots of cool stuff going on in the World of Kinsey!

First up is the cover for Bamboo Forest’s upcoming release, It’s Kind of a Cute Story, by Imagineer and Disney Legend Rolly Crump and Miceage’s Jeff Heimbuch! Designed by Pentakis Dodecahedron, who did a great job, as usual.

Pentakis also designed another awesome cover that will probably be used as the opening page of the book:

Really excited about this book! We’re looking at a mid/late November release, and I think it’ll make a wonderful Christmas present for any Disney fan. Full color, large format, over 200 pictures, and filled with amazing stories from Rolly’s long and illustrious career. It’ll be available as a limited edition (250 copies) signed and numbered hardback, a standard paperback, and an ebook (with limited photos). Stay tuned for more info!

Next, a video with the infamous Newmeyer, who jumped the gates at EPCOT, got busted, and was banned for life. But now he’s rich and he threw a bunch of money at Disney so they let him back in. But he’s still a dick. Anyway, in this video I go to Newmeyer’s house and show you how to make a real Mai Tai, i.e., one with a lot of booze and minimal fruit juice. This isn’t some froo-froo chick drink, this is a hardcore, high-alcohol glass of awesomeness!

Finally, if any readers of this blog are going to be at EPCOT’s 30th and have not gotten in touch with me, please message me on Facebook for info on some mind-blowing events that I’m organizing!

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